Gurukuls come full circle with virtual education

Academic degrees are pivotal as they are seen as qualifiers to set one apart from the rest. As globa

Academic degrees are pivotal as they are seen as qualifiers to set one apart from the rest. As global demand for a highly-skilled and intellectual workforce reaches its peak, relying simply on textbooks and lectures to gain knowledge seems slightly constrictive to a student’s growth potential.

Shiksha Abhiyan realizes, that today, degrees don’t matter as much as skills do. Therefore, there is a need for more hands-on preparation of using knowledge to your benefit. With the help of e-learning, Shiksha Abhiyan strives to do just that­ by offering online video lectures for class 9, 10, 11, and 12 for Maths and Science subjects. Covering the entire NCERT syllabus for CBSE board, the video classes are available in both Hindi and English language.

Consider this; the role of the instructor is optional and dynamic as long as the essential role of the learner remains in-tact. Shiksha Abhiyan understands that, and therefore in order to create an engaging learning experience, they have created a user-friendly website and free android app. Thanks to the online medium, it eases busy, working parents from worrying about their children’s education and not rely on tuitions and coaching classes, that are also heavy on the pocket. The students can take the online classes right from the comfort of their home, and can learn at their own pace with the help of pocket-friendly prices, extensive courses and regular discounts. Moreover, with its video lectures, Shiksha Abhiyan looks to bridge the gap between brilliant students and quality academicians. Capable teachers are able to teach multiple students online.

Shiksha Abhiyan, taking education from the humble gurukals of Bharat to the dynamic and ever-burgeoning virtual mind of India!

What’s more? You can get access to all their videos completely FREE of cost till 2nd October 2018. So, Hurry Up! Register for FREE TRIAL today and get the Shiksha Abhiyan leverage.

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