World Oceans Day: Unite to Make a Difference

June 8th was declared as World Oceans Day in 2002 by the United Nations. Since then, people across t

June 8th was declared as World Oceans Day in 2002 by the United Nations. Since then, people across the world have found a reason to celebrate the oceans and to protect it.  However, currently, oceans are facing more threats than ever and it is time for us to unite and protect our marine environment.

The Governments across the globe is assaulting the ocean through offshore drilling. This harms the marine life and causes damage to the ecosystem. Additionally, the utilization of plastic causes pollution in the ocean which chokes the marine wildlife. Now is the time to take care of our oceans and protect the health of marine life. World Oceans Day is an opportunity for us to raise awareness about the harm caused to the oceans. Here is how we can make a difference.

  • Reduce the consumption of plastic: The first step towards protecting the ocean or the environment is to bring an end to the consumption of plastic. It is one of the greatest threats to the health of the ocean. Tonnes of plastic enter marine waters every year and it creates havoc in the ecosystem. This is why it is important for every citizen to understand that plastic pollution causes more damage than you can think of. Make changes in your lifestyle and reduce the use of plastic.
  • Join the March for the ocean: On Oceans Day, a number of advocates will assemble and show their support for the safety and security of the Blue. You can be a part of the march and show your support. You can educate others to reduce plastic pollution and preserve the coastline by taking necessary initiatives. You can show support in your local community or through social media.

The first step towards improving the condition of the oceans is by creating awareness amongst the citizens. You can make the most of the power of social media and generate awareness amongst people about the damage caused to the ocean due to the use of plastic bags. Small but consistent steps towards the right direction will help make a difference in the world.

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