Benefits of Using Online Video for Studying

It has been witnessed through substantial research that the video tutorials are not only dynamic res

It has been witnessed through substantial research that the video tutorials are not only dynamic resource but also very important for students to gain practical knowledge. According to a recent teacher survey, it is recorded that almost 94% of classroom teachers have been effectively using online videos in the academic sessions last year. It is the responsibility of teachers to get students energized and engaged in the hands-on learning process and videos are one of the best instructional medium that generates greater amount of interest among the students than the traditional way of learning methodology.

Videos are a perfect medium for students who are auditory or visual learners. Online videos stimulate and engage students creating interest and making them understand the entire topic. This method allow students to sit study for a longer period of time and maintain their interest in the studies. This method also provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address and deliver the required curriculum content. Videos serve the purpose of an instructor for communicating facts and demonstrating procedures as well as assisting in mastery learning.

Benefits of using online video tutorials for learning:

  • Increases motivation of students
  • Enhanced learning experience
  • Better understanding of the subject
  • Develop potential for deeper learning of the subject
  • Development of learner autonomy
  • Enhanced team working and communication skills
  • Present authentic learning opportunities
  • Interactive sessions
  • Give opportunity for self-development
  • Self-preparation for examinations

The sound and creative images used for discussing a topic indeed make the topic engaging and insightful enabling students to acquire more knowledge.

Online mode of learning is one of the best platforms till now that not only motivate students but make them quick at understanding the topic, solving the problem, and knowing more about the innovation in technology. However, with the help of appropriate online educational videos are helpful for teachers itself. They build confidence in advance and gear up with the topic which teachers are going to teach in the class. Online session increases the level of teaching and studying. Using the right online educational video, the pressure on teachers and parents are minimized. The burden on teachers and parents are thereby reduced enabling students to easily gain knowledge with better understanding. Online videos constitutes every other resource which helps in enhancing the learning outcome and increases the quality of education methodology.

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