Time Management Tips for Class IX and X Students

With time, it is very important for a student to learn time management as he/she grows up. Students

With time, it is very important for a student to learn time management as he/she grows up. Students can gain more knowledge when he or she knows how to manage time along with their academic activities. If you manage time properly, your entire life will be disciplined. If you better organize your daily activities, it would reduce anxiety and increase motivation and confidence. Sitting at random times to study would not allow you to concentrate. Make a routine time table for your studies and schedule your time accordingly. There is no need to spend long hours/entire day hitting the books 

Make a to-do list

Always create to-do list that keeps you organized and helps in managing academic activities accordingly. A routine helps in keeping you focused and motivated every time. By creating a weekly or monthly worksheet pertaining to the distribution and organization of one’s task help in making you more focused. Make sure to line up most noteworthy tasks and execute them accordingly.

Plan out Your Study


It is very important to set aside your plan and plan your task to accomplish and accomplish it accordingly. Always study at the same time each day, so that it becomes your habit. Get rid of any sort of distractions and keep your study area out of the reach of distractions.  Turn your mobile phone off or keep it out of your reach, so that while you are studying, you have no disturbances.

Use Mental Exercises

Students must take their test and review their level. One should keep their goals in mind while pursuing better time management. Students should try playing mind games in their free time. This can increase their mental awareness and allow them to become more productive. Meditation and exercise also help students become more confident and focused when studying. Instead of memorizing and mugging up answers you should try learning it through fun games. Ones you start enjoying your study, you will start loving it.

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