Digitization of Education – Shaping the Future of Education

Technological advances are redefining the way we learn and teach. The Digitization of Education is o

Technological advances are redefining the way we learn and teach. The Digitization of Education is opening up a new world of educational opportunities, not limited by time and place. There was a time when digitization of education system in India seemed a long distant dream. The idea of implementing technology in education was only limited to prestigious educational institutes and private colleges.

The present scenario is however changing due to the introduction of new technological advancement. Today's generation is tech savvy and is well versed with the use of internet. Technology is proving to be a disruptive influence on education today. With technology as a catalyst, education is moving from a knowledge-transfer model to a, active, self-directed, collaborative and engaging model. This change couldn’t have come at a better time for India.

Currently students live in a world that is linked and alive outside the class room, so traditional methods won’t work now. The true revolution in education can only be achieved via digitization of education so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom. Their learning upgrades while they carry on to advantage from fostering, mentorship and direction of their teachers. The Government of India is taking initiative towards providing internet even in remote areas of India, education is no longer a dream for the children living in villages.

The urban population in India is expected to grow faster than its overall population by 2030. This will create a huge pressure on the economy and the education system. Along with this there are other challenges in our education system. First is the sheer capacity to deliver education to all sections of our society. The quality of existing educational institutions is another challenge. Technology has the capability to address all these issues. Trends such as the growing penetration of high speed broadband, low cost computing devices and a strong thrust from the Government are accelerating the transformation of India’s education system. – Hindustan Times

Various teachers are ready to accept the wave of digitization but more effort still need to be exercised when it comes to teacher training. Outmoded teaching methods need to meet with 21st century teaching and learning trends. By getting digitalize, the material has the power to involve students in methods that aren’t possible with stationary pages. Educators, who have expressed that difficulty in engaging students is one of the major tests of their jobs, have described the feeling of joy when they see, something click in a student’s eyes.

By grouping of traditional training instructions united with digitized learning our future generations can become global contributors who can interconnect across culture, time and geographies.


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